Kitchen Sinks

In any kitchen, the sink is a constant hub of activity and especially during food preparation and after meal clean up. Yet every kitchen and every family is different. Whatever your kitchen size and style, we have a sink for you.

We also have a range of accessories including timber preparation boards, stainless steel draining baskets, colanders, space savers, waste disposal bins, and glass surface savers.

Rosepeak Kitchens has a very large range of kitchen sinks available.  We have single bowl sinks for the small kitchen through to large double bowl sinks for the larger family or entertainer kitchen.  Most sinks are available in flush or undermount styles. 

Blanco-CLARON8SL Abey-DL180RK Abey-DL200RK
 Blanco-BTIPO6SLK5  Abey-LG200TPK  Abey-Q200PK
Blanco-CLARON400 Abey-LG120 Blanco-CLARON400
 Blanco-CLARON6SR Blanco-CLARON5SL Oliveri-PR1173PK
Blanco-MEDIAN6SLK5 Abey-SE125LHD Abey-DL100LK
Blanco-CLARON700  Oliveri-440  Oliveri-DZ163
Blanco-RONDOSOLK5  Oliveri-LR510  Oliveri-LR515
 Oliveri-LR521  Oliveri-NP610  Oliveri-MO763
Oliveri-MO712 Oliveri-MO771 Oliveri-MO793
Oliveri-NP611 Oliveri-MR502 Oliveri-NP601
Oliveri-NP621 Oliveri-NP663 Oliveri-NP616
Oliveri-NP653 Oliveri-MO753 Oliveri-SN1072
Oliveri-NP693 Oliveri-PR1101PK Oliveri-PR1122PK
Oliveri-PR1131PK Oliveri-SN1051PACK Oliveri-PR1181PK